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Once again, Practical Innovation turns waste into gold!

The task was clear from the first moment: we realized that the Golan Heights Winery had hundreds of tons of waste that remained after producing wine.

We soon understood that grape waste was gold! Grapes contains a powerful health composition of antioxidants found in wine, but also much more. The grape waste, which to this day has been used for animal feed without understanding its great value, also contains the amazing aroma and taste so characteristic of wine.We knew we had gold in our hands, and all we had to do was to expose its uniqueness in the most attractive way to the consumer.

We decided to use the principle of infusion (it sounds simple, in practice it is much more complex), a process that infuses the health characteristics and amazing experience of wine into the water, but without the alcohol and with very little sugar. A classic process of turning leftovers into something useful, or to use its trendy name "golden waste".
The result was O.Vine - water with a memory of wine. The only wine in the world which is rich in taste, aroma and health from wine. An intoxicating aroma and refreshing taste at any table - without alcohol!
O.Vine was first introduced to the world at the beginning of July 2018 in New York, at the Fancy Food Show, and received great acclaim in the US and Europe. It also featured in the Washington Post's "10 top trends" [link to article]

O.Vine was recently introduced at the Evian Global Bottled Water Congress, which took place in France in October 2018 for the 15th consecutive year, and was attended by water producers from all over the world. There they understood immediately that this is a new drink that never existed before, and awarded it with the highly acclaimed first prize - BEST NEW WATER CONCEPT!

When you have a winning concept, no wonder it took first place out of 41 candidates from around the world!
We worked with the Golan Heights Winery team, who dreamed and believed and cooperated with us with the joy of creativity and determination to implement an innovative and groundbreaking concept that indeed turns waste into gold.

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