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Caniel is the most advanced company in its field, constantly seeking to breakthrough with new ideas.
Caniel approached us and it was immediately clear that we were dealing with professionals. We recieved from them complete creative freedom to invent the next generation of Caniel.

The first project is the fruit of a fascinating innovation process. A first step in taking over a category in which no one has done anything interesting in a long time - tuna cans.
Every time we think about opening a can of tuna, we have thoughts "I hope the oil will not drip on my hands...", "I wish it doesn't splash on my clothes...", "I hope I won't cut my fingers from the can...", the kind of thoughts that take the fun out of eating tuna, right?

Caniel's new patent : reinventing the tuna can
This is a problem that has the whole world looking for a solution, and no one has found one... until now!
Caniel has come up with a new technology: Development of a new engineering structure that turns the bottom of the tuna can into a pump - an innovative solution that is protected by a global patent!
Instead of opening the can with the tab and pushing the lid in to drain the oil or the water, users will now pull the tab open, turn the can over and press on the bottom which serves as a patented pump. This pumps air into the can and drains the oil easily and efficiently.
A simple, innovative and highly required idea. Tuna packaging that solves the oil drainage problem!
If the need for innovation is passionate in your organization too, we at Practical Innovation would be happy to help you invent your innovation. Contact us.
Caniel's new tuna can wont the Israel Star Award 2021, the innovation competition of the Israeli Packaging Institute, and will be submitted to the WPO international packaging Star World competition.