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Hail the champions of fruits and the champions of the beverage category - the Gat company!
When such a company came to Practical Innovation to begin an innovation process, and asked what will be its growth engine, we asked - what is the fruit's growth engine? How can Gat's high-quality fruits create a whole new category? The answer was definite - a huge category,
 that can bring the company brand new sales and drive its growth forward.
The breakfast cereal category, one of the largest in the world and in the food category particularly, has suffered a significant decline in image in recent years, and as a result, 
a decline in sales. The reason - this category is high in white sugar!
So why not take the white sugar out of breakfast cereals? 
Because white sugar (even before the contribution to taste) is a significant factor in the production process - in the "inflation" process. (“the body”) Till today!

From today, a new world has opened for cereal manufacturers - a world of breakfast cereal without white sugar! 

A world of cereals fortified with the whole fruit, which is a revolution in taste and a breakthrough in the health concept of the entire category! Gat's functional fruit mixes were launched this week and the world of breakfast cereals is in an uproar! To date, Gat has led the global beverage category. From today, it will take the same fruit to lead the category of cereals thanks to innovative technology.

Congratulations to the winning team at Gat who worked with us closely and did 
not give up even when the going was tough.
Fruitlift - Gat Foods
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