A new product by "Salt of the Earth" - the result of a process with Practical Innovation - solves a worldwide problem for the food industry
We've all heard about the food industry's painful separation from MSG. The average consumer's negative perceptions about this controversial (justifiably or not) ingredient, have led most manufacturers to remove Monosodium Glutamate from products and "clean up" the list of ingredients.

So what replaces this ingredient whose purpose is to strengthen and stimulate flavors? Salt. But here lies a new problem - health organizations around the world are demanding that the food industry dramatically reduce sodium levels in products!

The result- the food industry is left bald from both sides, without MSG and with a lot less sodium.
Salt of the Earth performed an innovation process with Practical Innovation. The outcome of the process was the development of the Umami product line. Umami means delicious. Umami is a new salt product rich in the all-natural Umami flavor ingredients, which makes the taste of food more attractive and almost addictive with much less sodium. The Umami and Umamix are two products made of salt and a combination of ingredients, which are a natural, clean and very tasty substitute for MSG, and enable a reduction of the amount of sodium in food by up to 45%.

Since the launch of the product, Salt of the Earth has gained worldwide recognition, interest and demand and the two products have appeared in leading food exhibitions as very innovative and attractive news for the global food industry.