My desire for practical innovation and the great importance I see in it, manifested when I was VP Marketing in the food industry, at companies such as Shemen Industries - Israel's leading producer of oils, and Zoglobek - a food company that specializes in cold cuts and meats, where I drove a variety of processes which had a significant impact on the industry:

2001 – Innovation for vegetable oil!
For the first time a company produced vegetable oil with added value of health benefits for the consumer. We added to regular oil vitamin E and phytosterols which help lower cholesterol, thus creating a healthier vegetable oil compared to all other products in the category. The great innovation, beyond the product, was the possibility to differentiate the new oil in this field.

2002 - A revolution in the oil market.
Creating an advantage for canola oil based on health features. Canola oil is a far better oil for the consumer on the one hand, and more profitable for the marketing company on the other. We enriched the quality of the oil even more by adding an effective dose of phytosterols - an element which lowers cholesterol - and we launched a campaign to move consumers to an oil that is much better for them! The move was highly successful, and it overwhelmingly affected the soy-canola balance in Israel in favor of canola oil in a relatively short time.

2004 - The first margarine without trans fat!
The most harmful component in margarine is hydrogenated fat. Using advanced detection technology we took hydrogenated fat - trans fat - out of margarine, and marketed the first healthy margarine under the brand Etz HaZayit. Besides the great news on the product level, this move affected a variety of other products that use margarine, such as the whole world of baked goods!

2006 - Launching a new category in Israel - Quinoa-based products.
This process began by identifying a new and important health trend - quinoa, and ended with importing it to Israel by developing a product based on quinoa and lentils for making tasty and healthy patties. The move contributed to forming a new category in the Israeli food market, and created awareness to its great health benefits.

From 2008 onwards - Engaged daily in innovation processes and product development for a variety of companies, as part of "Practical Innovation".
Tal Leizer, CEO
Tal Leizer, CEO