Salt of the Earth Ltd

As a result of our innovation process with Salt of the Earth Ltd. three new products were invented and developed:
WonderSalt: Low-sodium sea salt for kids, naturally coloured with fruit and vegetable extracts. It contains 50% less sodium than regular salt and helps children control salt intake by using this fun-coloured salt that allows them to clearly see how much they are using.
Umami-Essence Sea Salt: A propriety liquid formula derived from tomato extract and pure salt from the Red Sea that can reduce the level of a recipe’s sodium while boosting homemade recipe flavour via the exotic 5thtaste known as umami.
Salt ‘N Easy: A line of four creatively seasoned sea-salt roasting mixes for poultry, fish or vegetables. This cooking aid platform allows anyone to “cook like a chef.” Just two minutes of prep helps create a delicious gourmet dish without added fat.
All of the three products won the SIAL Innovation Selection 2014 awards.