Following an innovation process with Practical Innovation, Kodkod International Games introduces a new game: "Rummikub with a Twist"
Rummikub, one of the world's most favorite games, is an Israeli invention which is sold today in over 50 countries. The game's popularity connects generations and has been played by young and old for many years. As a company that understands kids, and constantly follows their changing preferences and needs, and as a company that emphasizes innovation and development, Kodkod looked for a way to innovate and adapt the popular game to the fast pace of young people's world.

How do you reinvent such a successful game? The great challenge on the one hand was "not to touch" - Rummikub is so popular and well known, and its relative simplicity is part of its secret of success for so many years. On the other hand we wanted to come up with an innovation that meets the high standard of the game and its expectations. Our important goal at Practical Innovation was to create an exciting and interesting innovation that would attract all Rummikub lovers to buy the new game and play. 

What is new in the new game? The name says it all - "Rummikub with a Twist". Our innovation focused on the most important card/tile - the Joker. Who said there should be only one kind of Joker? Who said it should always have the same role? We reinvented the Joker, and replaced it with three new ones - a "Mirror Joker" that makes it possible to turn back the series of numbers that comes after it - from the end to the beginning; a "Color Changing Joker" which can turn the color of the series; and a "Double Joker" that replaces 2 game tiles at once. These additions create a lot of excitement and enrich the game experience with a faster pace, more action, challenge and fun.

In addition, the game was launched with a fresh design and up-to-date appearance, as well as functional advantages - a slightly curved board that keeps each players' tiles hidden from the other players, and game tiles that stack better. Another significant twist is a "green" one: the new tiles are made of only 50% of the plastic used for the original ones.

Since its introduction to the market, the new game has created a lot of buzz. The game was nominated in Germany to be among the top ten games of 2015. Today it is already marketed in several countries with great success and will soon enter even more markets.