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It takes vision and courage to carry out change. 
One of our customers from the automotive industry, decided to making a complete change, and to do whatever it takes to grow, and we're not talking about another 2% or 3% in sales; we're talking about a full-scale change.
This big decision has brought this customer to us at Practical Innovation to undergo an innovation process. The products are groundbreaking innovative concepts that will make the company a leader in the global bodywork and paint category.

This brings us to the great moment, the introduction of HALLEY LABS - a global innovation center for the bodywork and paint industry, which is now launching its first product - Halley Meter.
Innovative and advanced image processing technology implemented in the application enables huge savings in raw materials and work time, as well as professional data-based management in real time, something that did not exist in paint garages until today. This is a product that streamlines processes, shortens schedules, and provides each garage with a larger profit at the end of the year.
The technology and application have been registered as an international patent and are already being sold and raising interest among the leading entities in the bodywork and paint category around the world.
Comet & Progress - Halley Meter
If the need for innovation is passionate in your organization too, we at Practical Innovation would be happy to help you invent your innovation. Contact us.