A lighting company that is much more than lighting – it's the entire ceiling!

Following a joint process with Practical Innovation, Gaash Lighting, an Israeli lighting company, is launching Ceilight - a new product which is a real game changer in the commercial lighting market. Ceilight gives office ceilings a "total designed look", combining its lighting fixtures and the ceiling tiles. In this new concept all parts of the new ceiling will be designed and marketed by Gaash Lighting. This is the first time that a lighting company designs and markets a complete and attractive lighting solution, which will significantly increase the scope of its sales.

In almost all offices the ceiling is the same, with white 60x60 cm tiles usually made of glass wool. To date, Gaash Lighting provided only the lighting fixtures for these ceilings, which means that only a relatively small percent of the ceiling could be designed and the rest was boring white tiles.

When we worked on the Gaash Lighting project we looked up and asked - why not significantly expand Gaashs' market? Why shouldn't Ga'ash Lighting manufacture the entire ceiling? The main challenges were - how to create a ceiling tile that is functional, acoustic, and relevant for production by Gaash Lighting using the same materials it uses to manufacture light fixtures.

With Ceilight, parts of the new ceiling can still be dismantled to access essential systems (for repairs, etc.), but at the same time the ceiling provides an innovative and designed look. Ceilight opens up a whole new world of possibilities and gives offices a personal look instead of the standard acoustic ceilings we are all used to seeing.

Ceilight enables Gaash Lighting to offer an exclusive and outstanding proposal, which also gives the company high priority among architects who crave alternative designs in this area. The new product allows designers to leave their personal signature design by playing around with endless combinations and options. The chosen model is a pattern of leaves which can curved and designed according to any required style. Controlling the motif and the way the light shines through, gives designers the liberty to express their artistic vision.

Gaash Lighting is launching a variety of ceiling designs, with a choice of colors that did not exist until now. The company promises to refresh its collection periodically with new designs to create a non-stop enthusiasm in the field. In addition, every architect can choose his own design.  

We invite you to see what Gaash Lighting is doing above your heads, and to renew your office ceiling with Ceilight.