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Future Concept process
Future Concept is our main process. Its goal is to develop for our customers fresh and innovative growth engines that will lead to new and profitable sales and increase the company's value.
The process is suitable for companies from the traditional industry, such as; textiles, agriculture, food, metal, plastics, vehicles, and others.
The Future Concept process will enable you to reinvent your category, become a game-changer and break new ground with a one-of-its-kind product.

The Future Concept process consists of two parts:

  Part One - Formulating the idea for a start-up + development plan
The products, categories and markets in which the company operates - how do we leverage them?
The process is intended to present the company with concepts for growth engines that will lead to an increase in sales and profitability. The process is based on many sources of information from Israel and abroad, creative thinking, diverse methods and lots of experience, with minimal involvement by the client.
The main product result: concepts of innovation, along with development programs that are actually "recipes" for implementation.

  Part Two - Concept Development Management
A product that was born as part of our commitment to implementation.
In our early processes as a company we came up with groundbreaking ideas - practical ideas, and time after time we were asked to "stay" and accompany the company so that things would actually happen.
Based on appreciating the importance of guidance, the development management process was created as part of the ongoing and inseparable element of the first part, a process that proves itself essential to launching new products.