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One man’s trash: Practical Innovation targets upcycled food waste to drive sustainable NPD
Upcycling food waste creates innovative food and beverage products, according to Israel-based Practical Innovation Ltd. The company calls on food and beverage manufacturers to make use of food fractions that are traditionally discarded and has disclosed its system of developing novel products from food waste. As food shortage is increasingly becoming an industry-wide concern, utilizing every single part of raw materials is becoming a viable option towards more sustainable practices. Practical Innovation is supporting companies in making the most of their materials
FOOD ingredients | 18/3/2019

Turning ‘trash’ into ‘treasure’: Practical Innovation’s new system to up-cycle food waste

Israeli company Practical Innovation has revealed a new system for developing “innovative” food and beverage products from side-steams that were previously treated as waste
FOODnavigator | 18/3/2019 By  Katy Askew 

Start-up success: “Think audaciously, be bold and take risks,” says Practical Innovation

The role that start-ups have in future product development success was a key theme at IFT in Chicago where inspiring innovation “to feed the future and beyond” was in the spotlight. Continuously evolving consumer demands, together with the need to achieve a sustainable future, are helping to fuel start-ups with convention-challenging innovation, Innova Market Insights reported at the event

Food ingredients | 23/7/2018 By Gaynor Selby 

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Start-ups Vs traditional companies – how to launch an innovative product

There is a huge gap between start-ups that launch innovative products and traditional companies who don’t, irrespective of company scale, according to Practical Innovation

Confectionery news | 25/7/2018 By Jenny Eagle

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Practical innovation in the start-up nation

During a recent visit to Israel, the “start-up nation,” NBR’s Dr Kevin Robinson met with Tal Leizer, CEO, and Tali Shiloh, Business Development Manager, of Practical Innovation, to learn more about their mission to induce practicality into the world of innovation

Nutraceutical Business Review | 12/4/2017 By Kevin Robinson

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CV Magazine awarded Tal Leizer, CEO, Practical Innovation Israel, with the BUSINESS INNOVATOR OF THE YEAR 2016

Corporate Vision (CV) Magazine awarded Tal Leizer, CEO, Practical Innovation Israel, with the BUSINESS INNOVATOR OF THE YEAR 2016 Executive Award for excellence in her field. Corporate Vision is an international magazine that strives to be an invaluable resource for decision makers who wish to create more successful and profitable businesses. The magazine is owned by the AI Global international media group, and is read by dozens of executives the world over.

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