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How does a small bag spice up a large soup pot?
FoodTech - an innovative technology that allows 7gr of mushrooms to season 3 liters of stew.

We could have only developed such FoodTech with a strong customer, who has a vision and iron will - The Mushroom Benefit - leading company in the mushrooms field, which has now decided to be the leader of the global mushroom category.
They came to us with great ambition and let our imagination take flight. With a lot of research, technological reviews and loads of creative thinking we introduced them to the concept of a small bag that does magic.

Forget about a huge pile of mushrooms to be rinsed, chopped, soaked, drained and mixed. From now on - all you need is a small ready-to-use bag in the pantry cabinet to spice up any soup, pasta sauce, vegetable dish or even white rice.

The new product is now presented at the Fancy Food expo in New York,
 and you'll be able to read about it in hundreds of headlines in the world press that will congratulate it enthusiastically.
Cuisine Bag - Tekoa Farms
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