The main process of Practical Innovation is breakthrough innovation.
Innovation that totally changes the rules of the game. A new form of consumerism, experience or a new form of behavior for the consumer and society.

The process consists of two parts:

Part One -

Practical Innovation defines breakthrough growth engines – the first initiative in the world  - including the way to do it.
The products, categories and markets in which the company operates - how do we leverage them? The process is designed to introduce the company to growth engine concepts that will increase sales and profitability.
The process is based on many sources of information from Israel and abroad, creative thinking, various processes and a lot of experience, with minimal involvement by the client.
The main result: breakthrough growth engines, along with "recipes" for making them happen.

Part Two -

Practical Innovation manages the development of the concepts that were presented to the company in Part One. We accompany our clients step by step till the launch of the new product/service to the market.
Leading the development process includes promoting all needed moves, choosing suppliers and managing them, adhering to total efficiency of the process with regard to timetables, creating solutions for any challenges which might arise.
Breakthrough Innovation