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Bake It - simply bake it!

Dorot - garlic and seasoning products from Kibbutz Dorot - specialize in growing, developing, manufacturing, and marketing fresh frozen seasonings, in Israel and around the world.
Their frozen garlic, basil, coriander, and other fresh seasonings make cooking easy, quick and efficient.

How do you create a new world for Dorot, that will be based on the company's existing capabilities and will continue to help consumers?
Dorot introduces Bake it - frozen "fingers" which contain the basis for making a variety of chocolate or vanilla flavored desserts: perfect classic chocolate cake, stunning brownies, crazy chocolate mousse, professional crème brulee, tasty milkshakes, baked cakes, cookies and much more.
Each Bake It package contains four frozen "fingers" with high quality ingredients: real Belgian chocolate, fine vanilla extracts, and more. All that needs to be added are basic products that can be found in any kitchen - flour, sugar, eggs - to prepare a variety of sweet and yummy desserts, quickly and easily.
Baking with Bake It guarantees that any recipe is a success. No recipe is complicated, and no shopping or planning is required. Just add milk, sugar, flour and a Bake It "finger".
Bake It is patented, vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free and Kosher-Parve.
Visit the Bake It website for recipes and ideas

Or the Bake It Instagram page
Bake It - Dorot
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